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Lviv (Ukrainian: Львів, L’viv, Polish: Lwów; German: Lemberg; Russian: Львов, L'vov; Latin: Leopolis, the city of the lion) is a major city in Western Ukraine, the administrative center of Lviv Oblast, and designated as its own raion (district) within that oblast.
It is regarded as one of the main cultural centres of Ukraine.

The first record of Lviv in chronicles dates from 1256.
Between 1340-1772 and 1920-1939 the city belonged to the Poland.

In 2017, it had 727 968 inhabitants, of which 88% were Ukrainians, 9% Russians and 1% Poles, with a further 200,000 commuting daily from suburbs.

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  • COVALENT, VAN22 wrote 9 months ago:
  • vulytsia Striletska, 1, demonsergey wrote 2 years ago:
    будинок мера м.Львова, Андрія Садового
  • vulytsia Povstanska, 4, demonsergey wrote 2 years ago:
    скромний будиночок жінки голови Стрийського лісгоспу
  • EpiCenter Home Impovement supermarket, Jp (guest) wrote 3 years ago:
    Great shopping centre
  • vulytsia Pokhyla, 15, Vishen wrote 4 years ago:
    До постройки этого дома, здесь была детская площадка.
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